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Krattiger waterproofing since 1963.
Reinhard Krattiger Waterproofing founded in Arisdorf, Basel and opens a branch in Dino, in Ticino. 1992, Andreas Krattiger takes over the seat of Basel, under the name of Krattiger Isolier- und Bautechnik. Constitution of Krattiger SA in Ticino in 1999, and shortly later of Krattiger Waterproofing Ltd. Como. In 2006 Krattiger AG in Basel becomes Krattiger AG Holding (Real Estate and Corporate business) and owns now the Drytech AG, Isolier-und Bautechnik of Arisdorf and Berne, the Drytech SA Bedano and the Drytech Srl of Como with the branches of Noventa di Piave, Genova and Poviglio.
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